Are you in the process of writing a book, but feel like it's missing that 
WOW-Factor that makes people exclaim, "You've got to read this book!" 

"Create a WOW Book!"

Receive full training on writing, publishing and promoting your book along with Private Consulting from 
a bestselling author of over 25 fiction and nonfiction titles.

Marnie Pehrson,
mother of 6 and bestselling author of 23 titles including, Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet. 

  • Are you struggling to fill in the gaps in your draft?

  • Have you been getting that gnawing feeling that something's missing? You know, that Wow Factor that will reach out and engage people and have them WANT your book now.

  • Are you hoping your book will position you as a thought leader, but wondering how to really build a following with it?

  • Do nagging thoughts undermine your progress like, "Who's going to want to read my book? How do I find them? or even "Who am I to write a book?"

    I can help you shift this!  

     After writing 25 titles, I've developed my own Collaborative Creation and Story Method that enables me to write books that pack-a-punch in a very short period of time. In fact, I wrote my last book, "Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet" in about 2.5 weeks! It went from idea to print within 30 days. Granted, this book brought together my life's work in a cohesive manifesto, but the real WOW came through collaboration.

     I've found the simplest way to create a WOW Book is through fostering your own tribe. No, this was not a traditional "collaborative book," (although I have taken two of those to Amazon bestsellers). It is my book, my story and my lessons; yet that's only a small portion of what I'll be training you to do in the 

Create a "WOW" Book 
Mentoring & Marketing Program


Creating in Collaboration Gives You an Edge!

     In the Create a "WOW" Book Mentoring Program, I'll show you how to leverage collaborative methods to crank up the "WOW-factor" on your book! As a result, you'll ... 


Get your book done faster. Connecting with a mentor and a community keeps you on task and supports you every step of the way. Writing a book can be a lonely job, but with the way I’ve structured this program, you’ll have a family support system and someone who’s been-there-done-that as your companion on the journey.
Get inside the heads of your exact readers so you touch their hearts and create raving fans who share your book.
Craft a page-turner. When people find a book they can’t put down, they’re much more likely to share it with others. Successful books largely come from word of mouth. So the more word of mouth you can generate the better.
Add professionalism and credibility to your work.
Gather joint venture partners from the get-go who will be thrilled to promote your book when the time arrives.

Maintain momentum on your book. You'll shift out of the insecurities and self-doubts that typically hold authors back. 

Build a "tribe" around your book and your message. 

That's right... You'll Come Away with 
Your Very Own Tribe!

You’ll build a tribe around your book from the beginning. This means when it comes time to sell the book, you’ll have people who are interested in buying it and ready to tell their friends.

What is a Tribe?

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea . . . A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate . . . You can’t have a tribe without a leader—and you can’t be a leader without a tribe." (Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Kindle page 57)

Here's what a Tribe can do for you ... 

Tribes are the fastest, most organic way to create buzz about your book. They can do things like . . . 


Assist you in gathering research and materials.
Give you instant niche feedback on titles, covers, and manuscripts.
Create a viral buzz about you and your book.
Help you get speaking gigs.
Assist you in putting on events around your book's theme.
Provide testimonials.
Lend support and keep you motivated!

Who is the program for?

This program would be an ideal fit for you if 

  • you're thinking of writing a nonfiction book.

  • in the midst of writing a nonfiction book

  • have your book almost finished and just need to add finishing touches.

  • And you want to use your book to….attract more joint ventures, speaking engagements, and forward your movement . . .


Cathy Freeman"For me this has been more than a class about 'how to write a book,' it has been a class that moved me from a positive place in my business to opening my mind and imagination for greater success and accomplishment. I have been truly motivated and inspired. Marnie is personal and offers extra attention to individual questions and concerns. No matter if you are a seasoned author or a beginner, Marnie has the ability to help you accomplish your goal. "   - Cathy Freeman
Donna Blevins"It thrills and amazes me how you are able to respond to our wants and needs, almost in an instant. You are truly in the flow and giving us great value. You are authentic and one of a kind!"   - Donna Blevins
"It is amazing how you are custom building this program around our various needs and questions. I've never seen anyone so responsive in a program. It really shows your mastery, generosity, and creativity." - Rae Shagalov 
Donna Blevins"If you are writing a book and you need some help...whether it's motivation or structure or marketing or anything else involved in getting your story really need to join Marnie Pehrson's "Create a WOW Book" class. This program packs a punch with so much information, you could actually have your book finished by the end of class and ready to market it to the world. I have never taken a class that provided so much in so little time. It was an amazing class! "  
- Erica Tucci
Donna Blevins"WOW, what can I say! This is more than a 'write your book' course. Marnie’s passion for helping people ignite their WOW really shines through. She over delivers and stays connected. When I began the course, I was experiencing writer’s block. I couldn’t write a blog post, to say the least. After week two, I completed two blog posts, an article and moved forward into the creative process for my book. Between the accountability groups, teleconference calls, and Facebook group, my confidence and excitement soared. My book has evolved more than I first imagined. Whether you are in idea formation or ready for print, there is something for you in the Create A Wow Book course."  
- Samirian Hill

Here's How the Create a WOW Book Program Works

10 Self-Paced Lessons - The program includes 10 audio lessons designed in such a way that if you listened to 2 of them each week, you would finish in 5 weeks. But you're welcome to work through them at your own pace. 

  • Lesson #1 - Decide Which Book to Write

  • Lesson #2 - Organizing & Structuring a Compelling Book

  • Lesson #3 - The Story Method - how to create captivating, connecting stories for your book

  • Lesson #4 - Working with Your Creative Cycle and Overcoming Sabotaging Beliefs

  • Lesson #5 - Using a Facebook Group to Research, Write & Build a Tribe Around Your Book

  • Lesson #6 - Insider Secrets to Self-Editing and Working with Editors

  • Lesson #7 - Mindset Call - Getting past scarcity and criticism (whether it's external or internal).

  • Lesson #8 - Producing and Pricing Your Book

  • Lesson #9  - Kindle Strategies and Wrap Up

  • Lesson #10  - Money Mindset Belief-Shifting

One 30-minute consult with me to discuss any questions you may have about creating, publishing or marketing your book ($75 Value)

Private Facebook Group

This is a great place to ask questions, post excerpts of your work, bounce ideas around with fellow authors, post logistical questions, find accountability partners and much more!


Access to My Own Personal Book-Creation Rolodex - You'll receive the names of editors, book designers, kindle creators, print on demand services and even virtual assistants who can help you with your book project.

Limited Time Bonus

5 Step Kindle Creation and Publishing System I have the Kindle creation process down to a shockingly simple 5-step system. I've created a solid, no-fluff video training series that will take you through the entire process! ($97 Value)



This program is worth well over $497, 
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investment of only $197

So if you've ever thought about writing a book to 
showcase your expertise, now's the time to act!

Or Get the Create A WOW Book Program
Plus Three 1-Hour Private Consults with Marnie to Work on Your Book Writing, Marketing and/or Launch ($360 value)
Plus 1 Year Membership in Marnie's Marketing Mondays ($297 value)
For Only $597

      The next move is up to you.  I've shown you that the Create a WOW Book Mentoring Program is as risk free as an offer can come.  You and I both know if you've read this far in this letter that you're seriously interested in creating a WOW book that brings out your message in a powerful, engaging way.  All that's left to do now is take action

      If you've stuck with me this far, my strong hunch is that you're ready to be counted among the thought leaders of our time.  If this is the kind of information you'd like to get your hands on - now you can.

      Take action now, just like the top one percent of successful entrepreneurs, and judge for yourself how much Create A "WOW" Book is worth to you compared to the few tax deductible dollars it costs!